The world is put on hold by COVID-19. While we still feel relatively unaffected by what is slowly revealing itself as a global emergency, we hold our breath as we feverishly follow the mayhem that is unfolding at home. It is impossible to know or anticipate what this means for our project, so we try our very best to keep our shit together and just keep going. We are thrilled to receive the guanacaste wood that we selected to cover our platform despite a minor delay caused by a sporadic shutdown in the woodwork. Now we just need patience as we wait for the wood to properly dry before we can start working it.

Patience seems to be the ultimate virtue in this time and day. As the pandemic is beginning to trickle through all states of Mexico, regular activities are being slowed down and put on hold everywhere around us. And just like that, our initial confidence in thinking that we would remain unaffected by the virus is turned into pure cockiness. Our challenge now is to funnel our energy and motivation to push things forward into staying calm and patient at all times. Shaky times that lack any trace of comforting certainty. Lucky for us though, we have one constant in our lives: every day we are woken up between 6 and 8 am by our first local friend, a temporarily unemployed primary school teacher with a weakness for herbal medicine, who seems to have found a new class of students in us and eagerly delivers his morning lecture on all things Mexican before setting off to go fishing at the beach.

With one hand tied by Coronavirus, we nonetheless make slow and steady progress. It took us but one deflated and one punctured tire to finally level out a suitable driveway for our ranger, hacking away at all pointy things. Our newly constructed stone staircase leading up to the property appear inviting to friends, curious visitors, and stray horses alike.

stairway to El Pajarito

Meanwhile the lockdown is being enforced in a strict and absurd fashion: no beaches or beers allowed for the next three weeks...or longer. So we are forced to part with our habits as we try to understand this quintessentially Mexican approach to social distancing and keep a focused lookout for potential loopholes to navigate through the dry season that lies ahead. It really was impossible to anticipate in what ways we will be affected by Corona, the virus. But there you have it: Mexico has a surprise or two in store for you at all times reminding us of one of the many reasons why we chose to call this place our home base.

Sitting out Coronavirus (before the ban on beer)