The sun is getting hotter, stronger and more persistent each day putting pressure on us to craft a new shady spot to hide out under. We quickly scavenge for some leftover stems and branches that we haven't yet butchered, and throw them together to build a temporary roof over our kitchen.

We await the first rainfall in full anticipation and do our best to prepare for the rainy season, which is really more of a guessing game as we just don't know what to expect. On June 24th we witness the start of our first tropical rain season. We purchase a water tank with a capacity of 2500L, predestined to collect this most valuable resource. We also finally chop down any trees that look like they won't stand a chance of surviving another rainy season. But most importantly: we plant banana trees. Three of them, of some ominous kind which will surprise us in the hopefully not too distant future. After all, the mangos are also getting stickier with each little added degree and, by now, we're so hooked we need to get our vitamin fix elsewhere. And it's not just us. As soon as we plant our precious platanitos, our neighbour's horses are back in an instant to gnaw at their juicy green leaves.

We have also come to discover a new life wisdom which I will now generously share with you: you CAN have too many mangos! About three months of bottomless supply is what you might call enough, and coincidentally just about as much as mother nature is willing to offer. She does calculate things perfectly, doesn't she?