Here we are... Still waiting. What for? Not sure exactly. Perhaps for Coronavirus to somehow magically sweep by and become a thing of the past. Or maybe even just for a few more taco stands to open up again in Monteón  - all naivete aside.

It's April 2020. According to official guidelines, the quarantine will last until May 18th, or longer. But as we've learned, official guidelines tend to be short noticed and quite flaky. So we try to keep our hopes grounded in reality and start to look out for other, smaller projects that will keep us occupied for the indefinite future. In the absence of alcohol, we are left to ourselves, our creativity and the nature around us which, as it turns out, is a pretty good mix for an occupation or two. We have a lot of down time these days, which we spend reading, crafting things or playing chess. Luckily we don't have to dwell in any hard feelings amidst the pandemic.

There's a tree in plain sight from our tent which is being suffocated  by vines so thick that they can easily be mistaken for branches or stems in their own right. Our mission to clear these reveals itself as a greater challenge than what we had anticipated. After multiple attempts and many hours' spent chopping, sawing, pulling and jerking at our newfound nemesis, we finally succeed in chopping off a large part of the vines, and are immediately rewarded by a monumetous ocean view. And an "omega".

Mexico has enforced a strict quarantine and we now count to the few people remaining in Monteón. Our friend who normally fills up our water canisters from his well has moved back to his home city, meaning our water source has effectively dried up. Or, better said, it now comes at the cost of 12 pesos per 20 litres and half a litre of sweat for carrying it up to our property. Inevitably, we have gotten pretty stingy with our water consumption. The widening cracks in the soil, the soggy papaya leaves that sadly hang from their stems and the wasps that so stubbornly gather around every source of liquid available (including sweat) are all evident reminders of just how scarce and precious a resource water is in this part of the world. It will become a key challenge in this project, there's no doubt about it.